Frequently Asked Questions


How much time, effort, and money have you (and your family) invested in your athletics and academics? It’s a smart decision to get some professional assistance during this process after all the time, energy and sacrifices.

Stand Out In A Crowd & Give Yourself An Edge On Scholarships And Roster Spots

We have the perfect combination of professionals on our staff to assist the college-bound athlete and their family. RPA has the most comprehensive approach to the college search, selection and transition process. This will separate you from all the other athletes trying to find a college program.

Why not do this myself?

One of the most common misconceptions is that your coach or counselor will find you a school and/or scholarship. High school and club coaches do not necessarily have the time, resources or academic background to assist all their players through this process. Many of our staff have been varsity high school coaches and can attest to this fact.

Currently high school counselors have anywhere from 300-500 students to manage each year. If there are approximately 182 school days in the year, how much time would you be spending with your counselor during the college search and selection process?

Most people would use a realtor when buying a house or a financial planner when setting up their retirement. You can do all of these things on your own but most want an extra advantage which means having a team of experts in your corner. You can not put a price on having multiple options for college.

Having a team of experts to help you navigate through the academic and athletic transitional period, the NCAA rules/regulations, and the recruitment process is a wonderful resource. Being able to pinpoint schools AND athletic programs that meet your specific needs is another benefit. Having a personal Recruiting Coach that assists you in assessing programs, contacting coaches, creating highlight DVDS, building college resumes and answering your questions gives you peace of mind and a great edge on your competition.

What is the average cost of college currently?


“The average cost of a four-year private college jumped to $30,367 this school year, the first time the average has broken the $30,000 mark.” Source - Rob Kelley, CNN

According to these statistics college will cost between $121,468 and $151,835 over a 4-5 year period. Having our staff in your corner is a wise decision to protect that investment and give you the best options for college.

COMPETITION IS GETTING TOUGHER. High school athletes are getting better each year. The competition for roster spots, scholarships and other financial aid is fierce.

Won’t I be seen and get scouted at showcase tournaments, summer camps, combines, and high school games?

This is a common misconception that is currently plaguing our nation. Our staff has attended countless tournaments and high school games during their college coaching and recruiting days. The fact is that most recruiting budgets are minimal and coaches can only get to a handful of events during the year. Secondly, it’s impossible to evaluate every player from every team while at a tournament. Games are being played simultaneously at the same or different sites.

What are the odds that an athlete will do something out of the ordinary at the exact moment that the right coach, from the right academic and athletic school is watching his/her game?

What are the odds that the handful of coaches that might contact an athlete are from a college that is the best academic and athletic fit for that athlete?

Answer: The odds are astronomical! (This is the correct AND realistic way of looking at the common practice!)

We make sure that players and their families are proactive in this process instead of reactive. There is a big difference between letting a college choose you based on their athletic needs and YOU CHOOSING a college based on your specific ACADEMIC AND ATHLETIC needs.

What are the prices for the programs?

The vast majority of our athletes will get a substantial return on their investment. This can be done through athletic scholarships, academic scholarships, grants, work study or additional financial aid. We offer 4 different Athlete Assistance Programs which start at $1,895.

Scenario 1: If a player were to receive a small $2,500 scholarship over a 4 year period, they would ultimately be making over $7,495 on their investment of $2,495 for our Varsity Program.

Scenario 2: If a player were to receive just an $1,000 scholarship over a 4 year period, they would still be making $2,195 on their investment of $1,895 in our Basic Program.

You can not put a price on having researched and located the best college options for your specific academic and athletic needs. This is your future! We help give you additional options and the research to make educated decisions. This ultimately gives you an advantage over other college applicants.