We know that we can help you achieve your goals and beyond but don't take our word for it. Please read through what some of our very successful clients have to say about their experiences with Red Penguin Athletics!


“Red Penguin Athletics (RPA) provides excellent resources for student athletes! Even though I worked in higher education my entire life (including college Admissions and Financial Aid) RPA offered numerous tools and suggestions on how to prepare and promote yourself as a student athlete.

They taught our entire family how to communicate effectively with college coaches especially in light of NCAA regulations. They also taught us to let our daughter take the lead in planning her future.

With RPA behind her, it gave our daughter additional knowledge and confidence as she went through the college search process. I would highly recommend RPA to any family who is committed to helping their student athlete find the right fit.

Finding the right college is a life changing experience. We are happy that we put our trust in experts!”

Robin Famiglietti
Vice President, USA Funds Services 


“If you are planning on playing college sports, you need to make sure you have the coaches at “The Penguin” helping!”

Shelly R. (College Athlete)

Mr. Maring

“RPA gives coaches, parents and athletes the extra support and attention they need. They give the individual attention to each athlete’s specific academic/athletic criteria while working effectively with high school coaches. As a coach, they make our jobs easier and give our athletes a better chance at exposure and finding the right school on the next level.”

Mr. P. Maring
Current High School Coach


I knew I wanted to play college sports but didn’t have a clue on how to go about it. Luckily, my parents heard about Red Penguin and I was able to get organized. As a result, I am playing college athletics at a school that I normally would not have been able to attend. Thanks Coach!

Andrew L. (College Athlete)


“The Red Penguin “Road to College Athletics” workshop can be extremely valuable and very helpful to both the student athlete and the parents when considering collegiate sports. The advantages include a reality check of the actual statistics related to playing in college as well as overall likelihood of scholarship funds. The program provided clear and specific recommendations and important considerations for conducting the college search, seeking a good college or university that will serve the student athlete’s needs, with or without sports involvement.

The program provides insight into the complexity and aspects of successfully finding good academic as well as athletic programs, and pragmatic advice on contacting potential coaches, as well as how to take those important early steps in the search process. I appreciate that the program aims to help athletes at differing skill levels seek reasonable options at their level of skill, academic achievement, and level of desired involvement in a collegiate sport program. Ideally this program should be provided to parents and student athletes in sophomore or early junior year, to assist in decision making, information gathering, campus visits, and even some technical aspects like game film footage, resumes, and statistics. While the individual paid services available from Red Penguin were presented, the main focus of the presentation was providing usable information to all those attending, without being a sales presentation. As President of Bishop Kearney Sports Boosters, I arranged to host Chris Bianchi and the Red Penguin team for those reasons, and was very pleased with the resulting presentation.”

Paul Maxwell
Past President
Bishop Kearney Sports Boosters