PACE Club Services

Objective: To enhance college bound service options for parents, players and coaches. Additional academic and athletic services through RPA add to the marketability and credibility of your club by providing a completely comprehensive approach to the college search and selection process.

Player and Family Consultations

  • RPA will meet with college bound athletes and their family members
  • Preparation for college search and selection process
  • Develop a personal file on each player’s development for future consultations

Road to College Athletics Workshops

  • Multi-media presentation created for athletes, parents and coaches
  • Age/grade appropriate workshops that meet the specific needs of parents & players
  • Scholarship Opportunities – NCAA Recruiting Process – Benefits of College Athletics
  • NCAA Regulations – Optimizing High School Academics & Athletics – Assessing Colleges

NCAA Compliance Assistance

  • Assistance with NCAA rules and regulations for athletes, parents and coaches
  • Assistance with recruiting trips, emails, mailed materials, phone calls and meetings
  • Assistance with college eligibility process for Division I, II, III, JUCO and NAIA

Parent and Player Seminars

  • SAT/ACT Prep, Financial Aid, Injury Prevention, Admissions 101,
  • 21st Century Sports Parenting, College Prep (SOS), Mental Focus Training
  • Educating parents and players in essential multiple areas of interest.
  • Other seminars are available based on the club’s specific needs

Education Updates

  • Email updates to athletes, parents, and coaches throughout the year
  • Topics include: recruiting trips, academic advice, financial aid, training and nutrition

RPA Website Access

  • Club will receive its own password protected web site page with P.A.C.E. services

Scholarship Assistance

  • Academics, leadership, community service
  • RPA will award scholarships for our athlete programs

NC3A Certified Combines

  • Tests tangible skills for club assessment and college marketing. (results web access)
  • Club will be able to record and show concrete data on athletic development.