Athlete Packages

We believe we have the right formula to guide you through the recruiting process. The personal attention we provide combined with the outstanding academic and athletic credentials of our staff gives our players an edge.

Red Penguin Athlete Packages
Advanced College Athletic Sport Specific Search (2,800 Colleges)
RPA uses our athlete’s specific and personal ACADEMIC criteria (majors, minors, size, location, etc.) to pinpoint schools that are potential college options.
Advanced College Academic Search (2,800 Colleges)
The RPA staff works with our athletes to identify ATHLETIC criteria that meets their individual needs (division, conference, sport, NCAA/NAIA) in order to locates schools that could be potential college options.
RPA Personal Recruiting Coach & Free Consultations
All athletes that are admitted to RPA have their own personal Recruiting Coach that helps the athlete and their family through the college search and selection process. Consultations with your Recruiting Coach are free and also very frequent.
Scholarship Assistance & Program Assessment
RPA gives our athletes the inside information on maximizing their scholarship potential while also teaching the keys to best evaluate individual athletic programs.
College Resume Building
Our staff assists in reviewing your athletic and academic accomplishments. We create a resume with picture that markets your strengths to colleges. Having current high school counselors on the RPA staff allows our athletes to improve their resumes in areas that college admission departments deem valuable towards admission.
Athlete Evaluation
Our expert staff will assist in evaluating technical, tactical and athletic strengths and weaknesses.
NCAA Rules Education
Each athlete and their family will be given a complete rundown of the NCAA rules and regulations in relation to the athlete’s specific college interests.
RPA Athletic Resume & Academic Profile
The RPA staff works with the personal academic and athletic accomplishments of our athletes. The goal is to build a strong resume that’s “College Coach Friendly”.
Online (Varsity and Premier Only)
This is the easiest way for college coaches to review your athletic and academic information. We build an individual webpage for our athletes where coaches can view their information from their office. This is EXTREMELY “COLLEGE COACH FRIENDLY.”
Game DVDs
Be ready to send full game DVDS to college coaches. Each is labeled with your personal contact information.

Basic = 5 DVDs, Varsity = 12 DVDs, Premier = 25 DVDs

Highlight DVDs
College coaches want to see your athleticism, technical and tactical ability. We have former college coaches and former DI, DII, DIII coaches on staff. Our team of experts puts together a realistic snapshot of our athletes for college coaches to view. We pride ourselves on our integrity in this area.

Basic = 5 DVDs, Varsity = 12 DVDs, Premier = 25 DVDs

Online Tryout “Intro” Video
This is the easiest way for college coaches to see if they might be interested in you as a potential recruit. We build an individual webpage for our athletes where coaches can view athletes playing or training from the comfort of their office. This is EXTREMELY “COLLEGE COACH FRIENDLY.”
College Recruit E-mail Account
Athletes will receive their own personal email account specific to contacting and responding to college coaches.
Sports Psychologist Consultation – Mental & Focus Training Session
Our Sports Psychology service offers two initial options. Athletes will select from either the Focused Session or the Standard Session and work directly with our staff Sports Psychologist.
Highlight Video Enhancement Package
Categorizing/sequencing video clips, using slow motion, spot shadowing and zoom to allow college coaches the best viewing experience to evaluate the athlete.
College Prep Course
A “strategies of success” course for college. Learn important college transition items and strategies BEFORE you leave home. This course deals with time management, test-taking skills, stress management, nutrition, resources on campus, leadership, goal setting, social awareness, and how to have positive classroom experiences with your professors.
Weekly Training Log & Improvement Plan
Your RPA Recruiting Coach will keep track of your progress with the help of this Log. Athletes are responsible for emailing this file to their coaches every 7 days.
College Strength & Conditioning Program
This is a sport and athlete specific training program that will assist in the transition from high school to college. The goal is to maximize the potential of each athlete.
Staff Guidance Counselor Review
Discuss your high school transcripts, course load, SAT/ACT results and your overall resume for college admissions with one of our experienced high school counselors.