We pride ourselves in offering the services necessary to help the student-athlete. These are designed to prepare them to take the next step both academically and athletically.

Academic Support

Get the benefit from one of our certified high school counselors to assist your academic needs!

Time Out
This is a one-time (or first) meeting in which one of our Academic Counselors meets with the student and parent(s) to discuss academic progress, graduation requirements, diploma types, and career exploratory and/or college preparatory questions. A personalized timeline of important action steps will be created for the student to follow. He will also take the student through an NCAA initial eligibility review. These meetings can range from about 45 minutes to 2+ hours, depending on the needs of the student. Cost: $100.

NCAA Initial Eligibility Review
This review lets students know their estimated core-course grade point average, which can be used to monitor their current eligibility status for Division I or Division II. A phone consult is included. Cost: $40.

This service for seniors includes meetings, e-mail, and/or phone consultations to help the student navigate through the specifics of the college application process. Topics include but are not limited to timelines, letters of recommendation, essay review and tips, and the specifics of processing the applications. Please note, this service does not do the work for the student, but supports and guides the student through the process. Cost: $300.

RPA has former or current high school teachers, college professors and high school counselors to assist your academic needs!

College Prep Course
A “strategies of success” course for college. Learn important college transition items and strategies BEFORE you leave home. This course deals with time management, test-taking skills, stress management, nutrition, resources on campus, leadership, goal setting, social awareness, and how to have positive classroom experiences with your professors.

Struggling or worried about the SAT or ACT?
Having difficulty in one of your classes? Don’t worry! Contact us and we’ll help your specific academic needs! Discuss strategies and also high school course selection with our high school counselors and teachers on staff! This can be a huge advantage in the college admission process.

Contact us for prices and more information on academic support. Please tell us how we can help!

Mental Training (Sports Psychology)

Our staff Sports Psychologist provides our athletes with two different choices for their initial consultation. If you would like additional assistance in this area please email our Sports Psychology Shannon Walton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Standard Session
This session choice is for the athlete who is not sure what mental aspects of their game need attention. It is a good choice for the athlete who would like an overall evaluation of their mental skills and will focus on two main areas that the athlete can easily complete on their own. The session will include the following:

  • Evaluation of mental skills
  • Go over goal-setting guidelines and set long-range goals
  • Discuss the importance of being positive and how you can stay positive

Focused session
This session is the choice for the athlete that has a good understanding of what mental aspects of their game need improving. The main focus of the session will be on one area and targeting how the athlete can improve that area. The session will include the following:

  • Focus on one mental skill that the athlete has identified
  • Create a custom plan for improving that skill
  • Teach a tool and/or skill that will be applied to needed area

Video Services

RPA is excited to offer a wide range of video options for teams and individual athletes. Please view our different athlete packages.

Highlight DVDs
Our highlight DVDs are known for their quality. Why? Because we have one of our directors for that specific sport: review, edit and sequence the video in a “college coach friendly” format. Most videos that reach college coaches are NOT done the correct way. We create highlights that give college coaches an honest and realistic snapshot of the athlete’s talents.

Gold Highlight Package
$300 15-20 clips - (Includes 10 DVDs)

Platinum Highlight Package
$550 15-20 clips - (Includes 10 DVDS and highlight video website for college coaches to view)

Training Assistance

The goal is to maximize the potential of each athlete.

  1. Have RPA create a strength and conditioning program that is athlete specific. This will assist the transition period from high school to college. Our team of experts will help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and develop an appropriate plan to meet your individual athletic and sport needs.
  2. Technical/Tactical Training – Have our staff create an improvement plan for you. Honing your technical and tactical deficiencies will be an important part of your high school and college success.

For more information on pricing and these programs please contact us so we can answer any and all of your questions.